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From 'Virtua Fighter', the world's first 3D fighting game released back in 1993, comes a figma of Akira Yuki in his 'Player 2' colors! The figma is designed to recreate the look of Akira from the original Virtual Fighter game! You can pose him in various classic attacks including his 'Tetsuzankou'. Keep this figma by your side and remember the good old days at the arcade!



  • Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Anime Review)

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Anime Review)

    From the start of this 2012 series the dark horror stylings are clear. The title provides the viewer a clue with the titular character’s mental state. However, what the viewer may initially be unaware of, is how the singular word ‘Amnesia’ relates to a more collective idealism of amnesia, which occurs over time. Undocumented histories, passed down orally among those connected by blood or general location, become stories. These stories, passed among those with only a momentary connection to a specific location, often become legend. Legends, whether ill or of sound reasoning, often become, in time, distorted, bringing about a new narrative with miniscule elements of truth. Those most saddened by this line of weaved tales, would be those who originally experienced. Characters within these stories that are left still asking questions, or seeking answers, feel the most pain, and will remain, unnoticed by many onlookers, until their stories find a true end...
  • Dog X Scissors (Anime Review)

    Dog X Scissors (Anime Review)

    Stories are an integral part of human nature. This narrative communication is used to explain the past, hopes and fears for the future, provide advice or instruction, or to entertain an audience. One of the most enduring forms of narrative is the medium of written stories. While stories have different meanings to many people, there are some that become obsessive about particular authors or types of stories...
  • No-Rin (Comedy Anime Review)

    No-Rin (Comedy Anime Review)

    Fandom is an interesting sensation within the human psyche. Those who are reading this are either fans of anime, looking to become fans of anime, or are trying to better understand fans of anime. While all fandoms may be slightly different, it is always amazing to the people from all walks of life that are brought together to enjoy the commonality their fandom provides. However, all fandoms and creators must endure some fans that are overly obsessed with the stars and creators of their favorite medium. Some fans are intrigued beyond normal fandom, because it is a way for them to live vicariously through the stories of obsession.


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