Touken Ranbu The Musical Atsukashiyama Ibun - Nendoroid Petite - Blind Box (Pre-order)

Orange Rouge

$ 12.99

Touken Danshi team Sanjo with Kashu Kiyomitsu

From "Touken Ranbu: The Musical -Atsukashiyama Ibun-" comes a Nendoroid Petite collectible figure set of the Touken Danshi in their costumes from the musical's 2nd act! The line-up includes Mikazuki Munechika, Kogitsunemaru, Ishikirimaru, Iwatooshi, Imanotsurugi and Kashu Kiyomitsu for a total of six different figures!

Each of the characters keeps their unique personality and style, even when shrunk down into a size even smaller than normal Nendoroids! Be sure to add them to your collection!

***Order six to get a full case with all six characters and a bonus display stand!


Pre-order by December 17, 2018

Scheduled to ship in August 2019

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