Sumire Kanzaki Bunny Version - 1/4th Scale Figure - Sakura Taisen (Pre-order)

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"You there! Are you ready to applaud?"

From SEGA's popular game "Sakura Taisen" comes a 1/4th scale figure of the Kagedikan Empire Hanagumi's top star, Sumire Kanzaki! Her elegant curves and graceful gaze have been carefully sculpted together with a sexy bunny outfit in her purple image color that shows off her sexy bosom!

The figure is an impressive /4th scale in size standing 360mm in height, and the net tights are made from real fabric for an authentic appearance which also allow you to get a much closer look at Sumire's beautiful long legs! Be sure to add the gorgeous Sumire to your collection!


Pre-order by March 13, 2018

Scheduled for release in October 2018