Nyarlathotep - Non Scale Statue - Cthulhu Mythos (Pre-order)


$ 289.99

Genius artist Paul Komoda has once again brought forth a disturbing creature from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft! This time it’s his own unique twist on the Crawling Chaos known as "Nyarlathotep."

Distinctly unique from other gods in the Cthulhu Mythos, Nyarlathotep appears in the guise of a human bringing madness and chaos to Earth.
Its form is constantly changing, sometimes an Egyptian prophet, and other times a tall skinny man coming out of the shadows.
For this pre-painted statue, it is disguised as a physicist researching nuclear weapons and has just shed its old skin.
The creature's body looks reptilian with both insect and human like limbs and organs.
All the complex and beautiful creature details are finely captured in this pre-painted statue.
The exquisite paint work by David Dill brings all the fine and subtle details of the sculpture to light and shows his talent for capturing the world of Cosmic Horror!


Pre-order by October 2, 2018

Scheduled to ship by June 2019

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