Mega Man X: Full Armor - Nendoroid - Mega Man X

$ 48.99

From 'Mega Man X' comes a Nendoroid, all the way from the year 20xx, of the Maverick Hunter, X with all of his upgrades complete! Optional parts include his X-Buster with the standard shot, charged shot as well as his upgraded 'Spiral Crush Buster' shot! He even comes with parts to recreate the secret 'Hadouken' pose from the game!
The Nendoroid comes with both a standard expression as well as a combat expression to switch between. His legs are also specially articulated allowing you to pose him in the dashing pose and jumping pose from the game!

This Nendoroid is a must for fans of the series, and will likely sell out quick. Make sure to reserve your X Nendoroid before the reserve by date to guarantee yours.


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