LoveLive! DX Vol. 2 - Weiß Schwarz - Booster Pack


$ 4.75

Get ready to join the hit collectable card game that features your favorite anime and video game characters, Weiß Schwarz. Battle against friends in the fun, and fast paced, collectable card game that allows you to construct decks with some of your favorite characters.

Add to your current deck, or build a new one, with these 8-card booster packs from the anime LoveLive! in the series' second volume of booster packs. Add your favorite songs and characters from the μ’s. With over 168 cards in this set there are plenty to collect, play, and trade with your friends. This special English release includes a mix of cards from the Japanese-only releases of

・Booster Pack Love Live! feat. School Idol Festival Vol.2
・Extra Booster Love Live! The School Idol Movie
・Variety Set Love Live! feat School Idol Festival
・PR cards previously unreleased in the English Edition

This release contains three sets of exclusive Gold Foil/Hot Stamp signed cards from all 9 members of the μ’s which may be found in random packs.

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