Konosuba Mystery Box

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Ravenshire's Mystery Boxes are back! This time around we are starting with boxes containing officially licensed items featuring Konosuba! Aqua and Megumin items are in abundance, but Darkness and Kazuma can be seen in several items. As always, pick they type of box you want and the size shirt you want for the boxes with shirts from the drop down lists. First boxes ship during the week of October 1, 2018.

Two new pieces of information, if you have enjoyed our boxes in the past, that will be of interest. We now have a rewards program. To join go to our main page and look for the rewards tab on the side. Get a point for every dollar you spend on our site, to redeem on discounts, gift certificates, and extra items.

Using the Invoice Later option, you can select to pay in installments or all at once any time prior to the shipment of your box. Use this on boxes and other preorder items on our site! Our hope is that you will try these new features. We are always looking to improve and would love to hear your ideas to make these or any other part of our site better!

When you get your box make sure to go to our Facebook page to show people what you got, and we may mention your picture on the Ravenshire Podcast! We will do our best to add your box pictures here after you post! Remember, all items are randomized so you are guaranteed to get a high-quality box and mix, but if you have specific requests, such as substituting out a shirt, let us know in the comments on your order and we will be happy to help.

Mini Box
One deluxe item and two small items
A Box
Plush, a deluxe item, a small item, and a manga
B Box
Plush, fabric poster, and a random shirt
C Box
Plush, fabric poster, deluxe item, and a random shirt
D Box
Plush, bag, a small item, and a random shirt
E Box
Plush, bag, a deluxe item, and blanket
For the Konosuba the small items this time are key chains, wristbands, patches, notepads, playing cards, and lanyards. Deluxe items for this box are beanies, mystery box charms from Good Smile Company, wallets, fabric posters, mugs, tumblers, bracelets, necklaces, and towels.
Best part? NO SUBSCRIPTIONS REQUIRED! ALL OFFICIAL ITEMS! Get only the boxes you want every month, and vote on upcoming themes!
Have an idea for a future box theme, questions, or looking for a specific hard to find anime item? Send us an email to or message us on Facebook or Twitter to let us know! Remember, to check out our podcast and YouTube uploads for more from the Ravenshire Hobby crew!
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