Kasane Teto: Yoshiwara Lament Version - 1/7th Scale Figure - Utau (Pre-order)

$ 202.99

"Welcome, please come in."

From the original Kasane Teto song, "Yoshiwara Lament" by Mayo Oyamano and Asa comes a 1/7th scale figure of Kasane Teto in a gorgeous courtesan outfit based on the cover illustration by fuzichoco! The charming illustration has been transformed into a vividly colored, bewitching figure.

Translucent parts are used to create the colorful layers at the hemline of her kimono. She bares her shoulders and back as she turns to show a listless expression, giving off a different aura compared to the typical Kasane Teto. Be sure to add this beautifully detailed scale figure of Kasane Teto to your collection.

illustration by 藤ちょこ ©線 / 小山乃舞世 / ©EXIT TUNES

Pre-order by October 8, 2018

Scheduled to ship by November 2019

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