Fate/Grand Order Learning with Manga! - Blind Box Figure (Pre-order)

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The bizarre characters of Fate/Grand Order's "Learning with Manga" just won't stop coming!!

The cute yet peculiar characters from the manga series on the Fate/Grand Order official site, ""Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order"" have been transformed into a third selection of collectible figures!

The line-up for this all-new set includes six different characters including Assassin/Jack the Ripper, Caster/Nursery Rhyme, Berserker/Paul Bunyan, Archer/Gilgamesh, Rider/Ozymandias and Caster/Nitocris! The figures may be small, but they have a mysterious charm to them that will spice up any display! Be sure to add them to your collection!


Pre-order by December 3, 2018

Scheduled to ship in August 2019