EV-002 Evangelion Unit 03 - Revoltech - Evangelion Evolution (Pre-order)

  • $ 5199

An easy to pose figure of EVA-03 Production Model featuring gadgets to recreate scenes from the story!
It can be converted into 4-armed mode, featuring Angelarms from both of its shoulders, and each arms can be posed separately. The head part for Angel features a gimmick which changes its eye expression depending on its opening and closing of the mouth.
EVA-03 Production Model down on all fours can also be recreated by rotating the thigh part around!
The forearm part even features a "contracting gimmick". The back entry plug can be enjoyed either in penetrated mode and standard mode by exchanging parts.

Set Contents:
Main figure (approx. 140mm tall), EVA-01 Test Type display x1, Tearing off effect x2, EVA-03 production model broken entry plug x1, Articulated head for angel mode x1, Stretchable structured forearm x2, Shoulder armor when activated x2, Entry plug injecting part cover x1, Umbilical cable x1, Optional hand part x10, Transparent display stand

Pre-order by June 20, 2017

Scheduled for release at the end of December 2017