Colletta - Model Kit - Plamax MF-31 Minimum Factory - Shunya Yamashita Military (Pre-order)

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The fifth plastic model in the "Shunya Yamashita Military Qty's" collection - the Italian beauty Colletta!

The Shunya Yamashita Military Qty's collection of "minimum factory" plastic models continues with the fifth figure - the Italian beauty Colletta! The plastic model is a simple figure kit with color-separated parts and eye decals for fans to put together their very own figure! Build and customize your very own figure with your own two hands!

Pin-up Poster (Size: Approx 728mm x 257mm)

PS 1/20th scale assemblable plastic model kit. Base included. Eye decals included.


Pre-order by January 21, 2019

Scheduled to ship in June 2019