Chino - Jazz Style - 1/8th Scale Figure - Is the Order a Rabbit?? (Pre-order)


$ 151.99

A Jazzy Chino for your collection!

From "Is the Order a Rabbit?" comes Chino: Jazz Style! The adorable Chino is holding a Saxophone and is dressed in an adorable outfit based around the color brown. Her lovely bunny ear headband, haltertop no-sleeve shirt and low ponytail make for a very special version of Chino!

Her glossy ribbon and shoes, translucent frilly skirt and kneesocks have been carefully created for this figure. The stand is a beautiful vignette piece with film rolls and champagne floating around Chino. Be sure to add this somewhat more mature version of Chino to your collection!


Pre-order by October 29, 2018

Scheduled to ship in April 2019

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