Attack on Titan Mystery Boxes

$ 29.98

This month’s poll has ended, and the winner (if you haven't guessed by the picture) is Attack on Titan! This is the first time we have done a box for Attack on Titan, and we want to make sure that this is something a little more interesting than usual! This time around we will have some officially licensed AoT figures included in some of the boxes. Dedicate your heart with a box of Attack on Titan goodies today!

When you get your box make sure to go to our Facebook page to show people what you got, and we may mention your picture on the Ravenshire Podcast! We will do our best to add your box pictures here after you post! Remember, all items are randomized so you are guaranteed to get a high-quality box and mix, but if you have specific requests for items of your favorite characters, please let us know in the notes section of your order and we will do our best to help.

Feel free to add as many boxes as you want to your cart, but they must be added one at a time. If you get multiple boxes and want different things in your second box, just let us know! Also, due to popular demand we will be including figures into all mystery boxes from the A level and up from the Tamashii Buddies line! Also, a few other surprises await some lucky recipients as a handful of items will be coming directly from Japan for these boxes!

Mini Box
Will include one small and two deluxe items
A Box
Will include a small item, a deluxe items, and a figure
B Box
Will include two small items, a deluxe item, a plush, and a figure
C Box
Will include two deluxe items, a plush, and a figure
D Box
Will include a deluxe item, a plush, a figure, and a backpack
E Box
Will include one small item, two deluxe item, a plush, a figure, and backpack

                                                               Attack on Titan Mystery Box

For the Attack on Titan the small items this time are key chains, cellphone charms, mystery box charms, wristbands, patches, pin sets, notepads, and lanyards. Deluxe items for this box are hats, beanies, wallets, fabric posters, chokers, necklaces, and towels.
Best part? NO SUBSCRIPTIONS REQUIRED! ALL OFFICIAL ITEMS! Get only the boxes you want every month, and vote on upcoming themes!
Have an idea for a future box theme, questions, or looking for a specific hard to find anime item? Send us an email to or message us on Facebook or Twitter to let us know! Remember, to check out our podcast and YouTube uploads for more from the Ravenshire Hobby crew!
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