Kamen Rider - Ultimate Article - Kamen Rider (Pre-order)


$ 299.99

Figure stands approximately 400mm (about 15.75 inches) tall.

Blessing · Shintaro Ishinomori's 80th birthday. This is the third series that has been popular since the first "Kikaida". Finally, Toei, Masanori Ishinomori 's masterpiece Hero' s masterpiece "Masked Rider" began to stumble "New No. 1" appeared!

At that time, the image which was reproduced thoroughly up to every detail this time, three-dimensionalized by the scale of force! By incorporating a two-step LED light emission gimmick, in addition to the C eye (eye) & O signal (forehead lamp), the rotation image of typhoon (belt) is reproduced! You can enjoy the style of two patterns "familiar" transformation pose "by exchanging the attached arm and" action pose "in impressive battle.

Ishinomori, the treasure tower shining brilliantly as the cornerstone of Toei Hero, please come and enjoy the dignified figure by hand!

C E & O signal, typhoon LED lighting gimmic built in * 4 AAA batteries × 3 (not included)

© Ishimori Pro Toei

Pre-order by October 23, 2018

Scheduled to ship by May 2019

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