Char Aznable - Gundam Guys Generation -Mobile Suit Gundam (Pre-order)

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Each statue includes a specially designed art card!

"GGG Cheer · Aznable" released in 2017 as the first memorable thing of Gundam · Guys Generation (GGG) is resurgent in response to the enthusiastic demand of fans.

The product is about 1/8 scale finished product. The painted body is a beautiful color ring conscious of the illustration style. The head can reproduce the presence or absence of a helmet by replacing the parts, and the removed helmet can be held on the left arm. If you display it as a set with "Excellent Model Seira Mass [Resale]" (sold separately) that will be resold at the same time, the scene of the 30th story "Small Defense Line" will revive.

Please purchase the legendary "Red Comet", a beautiful figure that can be said as the definitive version by all means on this occasion.

© Suzumi · Sunrise

Pre-order by October 23, 2018

Scheduled to ship by April 2019