Toradora! (Manga)

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Collect the classic romantic comedy manga today!

Volume 1: Ryuji Takasu has trouble making friends. His sharp gaze hides his sweet personality. He has hopes that starting a new school will change everything, until he ends up on the enemies list of Taiga Aisaku, the meanest girl in school and his new next door neighbor. Can this school year get any worse? In this over the top high school comedy, it most certainly can!

Volume 2: Ryuji Takasu thought that his ill-fated luck had turned around now that he was in Junior High and sitting next to the girl of his dreams, Minori Kushieda. Ryuji was wrong; for after he unwittingly crossed the most feared and fearsome girl in school, Taiga Aisaku, everything went off the deep end!

It's taken time, but Ryuji and Taiga have slowly found some common ground and can at least tolerate each other. The problem is everyone in Ryuji's class is now convinced that he and Taiga are datingeven Minori! To make matters even more embarassing, Minori has given Ryuji and Taiga her blessing. How's Ryuji ever going to win Minori's heart now?!